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Silt Curtain is widely used in Marine Projects. It is constructed by mainly two different components, which is boom for floatation and skirt (textile material) below the water level.

Silt Curtain

Silt Curtain.PNG

Its function is to reduce slit within controlled area, increase visibility under water and also reduce wave to protect divers and workers.


Booms and Skirts can be connected with each other on the length and depth by buckles, hook & eyes, wires and connectors. It is easily installed and can extend up to 50 feet in depth and unlimited length.

Commonly, it is applied as following:

  • Bridge

  • Structure Wall along coastal, pond or artificial island

  • Jetty

  • Dredging

  • Excavation

  • Other Marine Projects

  • Different Foam Size and Skirt Size for project needs

  • Skirt material - Non Woven (265gsm) or Woven Geotextile (480gsm)

  • Extremely Heavy Duty Structure --> Durability

  • Extension up to 50 feet in depth and unlimited length

  • Connection is easily installed with buckles, hook & eye, wires and connectors

  • UV Resistance

  • User Friendly Installation

  • Tailor Made Size

  • Full Technical Support

  • Boom 6" x 8"

  • EPE Foam (Oil Proof)

  • Skirt 5"x8"

  • PP Non-Woven 265gsm or PP Geotextile 460gsm

  • PP Non-Woven Filter Oil

  • PP Geotextile has high strength (105kN x 105kN)

Tailor-made specification is available on request subject to project design and project size upon our discretion


Carton Size: 51" x 27.5" x 45" (130cm x 70cm x 115cm)

2 Cartons per Pallet

18 Pallets per 40' FCL

  • Boom + Skirt 12pcs/Carton, 24 pcs/pallet

  • Skirt  35 pcs/Carton, 70 pcs/pallet

pc 3.PNG
pc 2.PNG
pc 1.PNG
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