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No one would argue the necessity and usefulness of welding.  It is often the best and sometimes the only option in fabrication and repair.  And so long as the work can be brought into a welding shop, there are few challenges in the process.  But when work is required out in the field, more specifically in remote areas… the challenges abound! 

Welding equipment has traditionally been large, heavy and bulky… and necessarily so.  Until now.  The Tactical Welder is a completely portable welding solution that offers the power that used to take a room full of equipment.

Lithium battery-powered arc welding is here.

The Tactical Welder portable welding tool is powered by a 528Wh lithium-ion battery pack.  A state-of-the-art electronic Battery Management System (BMS) safely controls charging and discharging functions. The weld gun is a 300A industrial grade spool gun wire-feed welder.

Tatical Welder

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Completely battery-powered system – no long power cords, heavy cables or generators necessary.

State-of-the-art, electronic battery management system uses high capacity lithium-ion batteries to provide consistent power and safely controls charging and discharging functions.

Ultimate portability – all components are designed to be stored/transported in the included backpack. The bag provides a holster for the spool gun and tools, allowing for one-hand welding operations.

The system includes a high current contactor for cold tip operation. Clamp the ground, pull the trigger and weld. 


Power system (Battery & BMS)

Spool gun

7A charger

300A ground clamp

6-foot cables with high-current plug connectors for positive or negative ground welding.


The Tactical Welder can be used just about anywhere.  Its compact size and weight mean you can carry your welder to wherever you need it. You don’t have to plug in, string cables, or fire up a generator because the Tactical Welder is self-powered with its own high-capacity lithium ion battery system. Just clamp the ground and start to weld. It’s that simple.


The Tactical Welder is capable of producing a weld that meets AWS D1.1 structural steel requirements based on face bend and root bend testing, using the included feed gun with 0.035 in. flux-coredwire and argon gas on a ⅜” steel plate.


The Tactical Welder is capable of welding approximately a one pound spool of weld wire on a single charge. It is capable of performing high-quality MIG welds and flux-cored welds.

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